ETNCommerce - Electroneum Instant Payment eCommerce

A easy to install software package for free open-source professional ecommerce. Based upon the latest Joomla CMS and VirtueMart platforms you can benefit from a large amount of extensions.

Version 1.0.1

Looking for the generic Electroneum Joomla & VirtueMart plugins? Go to

Why have you created ETNCommerce?

As a Joomla focused web agency ( & and fans of the Electroneum cryptocurrency we wanted to make adoption as easy as possible for others in the Joomla Community.

What Joomla ecommerce  extension can I use?

The quickstart package ETNCommerce is based on VirtueMart. But we are also working on payment plugins for HikaShop and J2Store to cover all three of the most common ecommerce extensions for Joomla CMS.

For who is ETNCommerce package?

If you have some experience with Joomla CMS you will find the package to be a real timesaver. Its pre-configured to help you get over the common hurdles to setup a full ecommerce solution.

ETNCommerce demos and videos:

Desktop Checkout Demo

Smartphone Checkout Demo

How to install?

ETNCommerce Youtube Channel
Check all our videos, how-tos/tutorials on our Youtube channel.

Download the standalone Electroneum Joomla plugins here:

Electroneum VirtueMart Payment Method

Standard payment method for VirtueMart that integrates Electorneum Instant Payment.

HikaShop Electroneum Plugin

Electroneum HikaShop Payment Plugin

Standard HikaShop payment plugin for Joomla CMS.

(Coming soon...)

J2Store Electroneum Plugin

Electroneum J2Store Payment Plugin

Standard Electroneum Payment plugin for J2Store for Joomla CMS.

(Coming soon...)

RD-subscription ETN Payment Plugin

RD-Subscription Electroneum Payment Plugin

Selling software with RD-Subscriptions in Joomla CMS? Extend your payment with Electroneum Instant Payment with this plugin.

Simple Electroneum Joomla Donation Plugin

A simple donation function for your Joomla CMS website.

Electroneum Prices for VirtueMart

Function to show prices Electroneum (ETN) prices in your Joomla website.

    Electroneum Instant Payment webshop / eCommerce

    What is ETNCommerce?

    ETNCommerce is a free package of a great collection of open-source software. The core platform is Joomla CMS and the eCommerce system is based on VirtueMart. There is a small collection of free powerful plugins installed (read more below).

    It is easy to download and install in any web hosting. It comes pre-configured with Electroneum Instant Payment and many other industry standard payments.


    What is the content of the package?

    All of the listed software below is the free version of the software. Some of them comes with an alternative PRO version with more powerful features and we really recommend you purchase those for even more flexibility. To purchase the PRO version check their websites below.
    Joomla CMS 3.9.0 Link
    VirtueMart 3.4.3 Link
    YOOtheme Master Template (Warp7/UIkit 2) 1.0.0 Link
    VMuikit 4.7 Link
    YOOtheme Widgetkit Lite 1.5.11 Link
    Akeeba Backup Core 6.2.1 Link
    JCE Editor Core 2.6.33 Link
    Regular Labs Advanced Module Manager 7.8.5 Link
    Both Joomla and VirtueMart are Community Driven free software and to support those projects there are two options. For Joomla please buy a Joomla product in The Joomla Shop and for VirtueMart you can buy extensions and VIP memberships (comes with extra support) in the VirtueMart Extensions Shop
    webshop package for electroneum instant payment (ETN)

    Benefit from a large collection of extensions and plugins

    Both Joomla CMS and VirtueMart have large numbers of extensions available for them. Making it possible to extend your eCommerce website a lot. You find extensions everywhere on the internet and most of them do show up on Joomla Extension Directory and VirtueMart Extensions

    We recommend you take a look at & for a great example of good extensions.

    How-To Video tutorials:

    We are currently producing all the video tutorials below. We will add them as they get ready here. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel to get latest video in your subscription feed.

    Introduction – What is ETNCommerce?
    Overview and how to get started

    The Basics
    How to install - XAMPP
    How to install - FTP / MySQL

    Joomla CMS
    Articles, Menues and Modules
    Template and basic web design
    Custom CSS

    Products and Categories
    Taxes and currencies (countries)
    Order management
    Payments and Shipments

    ETNCommerce Specials
    ETN Shortcodes

    Akeeba Backup
    JCE Editor
    Widgetkit Lite
    Advanced Module Manager

    Recommended third part extensions



    UIKit explained
    VMuikit explained
    Joomla overrides explained

    Have suggestions for a useful How-To Tutorial? Send your suggestion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

    Recommended Hosting:

    Siteground Joomla Hosting
    CloudAccess Joomla Hosting

    There are plenty of hosting companies out there. We cannot review all of them. But we know from experience that SiteGround and have great Joomla knowledge and their servers are well optimized for Joomla CMS.

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    Please join the forums to be able to ask questions and get tips for your ETNCommerce setup.

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    Looking for Support?

    ETNCommerce does not come with any kind of official support. However, the creators and maintainers will answer questions and help in the Forums.

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